Dr. Campbell’s Dance of Psyche is an impassioned, urgent and very personal call to free ourselves from the trance of the machine and to enter into a way of being that is deeply attuned with the natural rhythms of the body and the greater dance of life. She eloquently invites us to break out of the time-driven, mechanical mindset and lifestyle that generates so much of our disease and trauma, and to be more authentic, vulnerable and connected to one another.

-John Prendergast,Ph.D. Adjunct Assistant Professor, CIIS. Author of writings on Transpersonal Psychology and EMDR

“For over thirty years, I have deeply respected D. Campbell’s passion for knowledge and insight, not only for herself, but for others and society at large. She is a healer, teacher, artist, and dancer, and one who has the courage to go “beneath the surface” in her role as a researcher seeking the collective links between illness and health. Dr. Campbell has orchestrated a remarkable and honest book about relationship and healing which emphasizes the unifying significance of music and dance. The reader is taken on a journey of thoughtful discovery.”

Anne Nelson, RN,PsyD

Dr. Christina Campbell correlates contenporary speeded rhythms with alienation, depression, illness and violence. A moving and historical account of healing through sacred dance, the author not only illuminates the roots of the problem in our culture but inspires hope for its cure through soulfull embodiment.

Tina Stromstead Ph.D. ADTR, Dance Therapist

“The words in this book are reflections of the deep and sensitive history of the Roma people (my people). I hope every one who reads this book will understand what the Human race is going to be in a short time if we don’t stop the hate toward each other. Thank you Christina.”

Julia Pecak, Roma from Hungary, Owner of Bistro E. Europe, with Gypsy Flavor, San Francisco, California.

We thought that technology is going to bring us new way of life and thinking, it’s rather opposite. We lost the basic of humanity, where we don’t have time for anybody. Christina is bringing out the multi-layered issues that are ignored (no time to think),in our society. Please read it and heal

Roma Acitivist from Kosovo and President, Voice of Roma, Graton, California

Dance of Psyche: Rhythm of Consciousness

Modern Man moving fast in time,
Where are you going ?
Where is your heart?
Beating to external rhythms.
Believing bigger is better, More is better,
Precise, explicit, splits you into parts
Each moving precisely
Separating you from yourself and others
Win the mechanical heart, survive nuclear war
Build more bombs to create peace.

(Christina Campbell, 1982)


This book describes the emotional/spiritual conditions of our times.. It was a warning about a profit over people,a hurry-up rhythm, and the effect it would have on our health and our freedom: alienation, violence, war and potential for fascism.  Dance is used as a symbol of the psyche. A personal and collective story is told through posture, rhythm, images. and dreams. This book is also about the denial of vulnerability in the society related to human needs and feelings that drive the alienation, make people sick, and /or violent. The writing is sensitive and heart-felt. There are illustrations, water color paintings of dreams, and beautiful photography of dance which shows movement across time and the life force.

This is about the need to shift from robotic rhythm: fast in time and in rigidly defined ways  to natural rhythm which flows and is sustained in the moment. This gives people a way to be in their bodies and to feel, to become compassionate human beings. It is a philosophical shift from: a mechanized/commercialized world to  one that is human: from war to peace, from trauma to well being.

The book was published in 2003 and received a book award from the Bay Area Independent Publishers for healing.  At that time I had a book opening at Bistro E Restaurant with Gypsy flavor in San Francisco and through the City of Sausalito at the Cruising Club ..

This is the tenth anniversary of the book’s publication.  The book has come of age as people are more aware of the destructive effects of

of the profit motive and the corporate culture.  People are working 24/7 in some cases and still having a hard time making ends meet.

Bullying in the society has increased in schools, Universities, hospitals. Being-up is now a job requirement and truth has gone underground; giving

negative constructive feedback may get you fired. Double speak is in. Talking-head quotes justify war and the exploitation of nature.  Shootings are epidemic.

Dance is a reflection of the Psyche
Through rhythm, the soul is remembered
Time suspends itself reaching infinity
The present moment is past and future at once
Temporal space becoms infinite shaping itself
in endless circles of death and rebirth
There is a flow of life—surrendering
we are the wind, fire, water and earth.
Love, sorrow, anguish and joy
The body relaxes, becomes softer
Capable of experiencing life and vitality
–of becoming vibrant human beings.
Because we are the life force that is the the cosmos
—capable of experiencing ourselves, expressing the story of
our culture, being at one with nature and the divine.

This is the Dance of Psyche: Rhythm of Consciousness

(Christina Campbell)

For insight into the alienation and violence in the culture, you are invited to read this book

For presentation of the book and or the dances in the book that show this shift, please contact me.